Hino Turbo

Our Hino Turbos/Turbochargers model are as following:
WH2D-9371AZ/XA22TC3A, TO4E33, TD08H-27VRC, TBP430, TBP405, TB41/TB4126, RHG8/RHG8V, RHE7-9 SHAFT 69, RHE6/RHE62, RHC7FW-13435AQ38NABRL6115CUC, RHC7A-13535AP40NFBRL603B, RHC7-8 W OLI COOLING, RHC7-56, RHC7A-11003AP23NFBRL557A, RHC61B-574AP16NABRS432AZ, RHC61A, RHC6-1 W, RHC6 WATER COOLING, RHC6, GT3576DL, GT3576
GT3576D, GT3576DL, GT3576LD, GT3271, etc….

If you didn’t found what you are looking for, please feel free to contact us. Please kindly noticed turbo’s OEM is required to confirm the right model.

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