MAN Turbos

Our MAN Turbos/Turbochargers model are as follows:

K31, H2D, 4LGZ, HX40, HX40W, HX50, K28, K29, K31, S3B-2, TA4507, ZJ100 T-170, etc….

If you didn’t found what you are looking for, please feel free to contact us. Please kindly noticed turbo’s OEM is required to confirm the right model.

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  • Turbo HX50 for MAN 414/F2000 Truck with D2866LF31 Engine
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    Racing Car Turbo HX50

    If you want to upgrade your racing car engine with a durable and reliable turbocharger, look no further than the Ruich Value HX50 Turbocharger. Learn more about its features and benefits here

  • Turbo 4LGZ/K361 for MAN/DAF Industrial/Truck/Generator Set with Engine
    Turbos Turbochargers

    Turbo 4LGZ/K361 for MAN DAF Industrial/Truck/Generator Set with Engine D2842TE/D2866T/D2542MTE/DKX1160

    The Turbo 4LGZ/K361 by Ruich Value is a state-of-the-art turbocharger that can fit different engine models and brands. It has a variable geometry turbine, a water-cooled bearing housing, a wastegate valve, and a balanced rotor assembly. Contact us today to learn more.

  • Turbo HX40W For MAN Truck with D0826 Engine
    Turbos Turbochargers

    Turbo HX40W For MAN Truck with D0826 Engine

    Turbo HX40W by Ruich Value | High-Quality Turbocharger Meta Description: Turbo HX40W is a high-quality turbocharger that replaces Holset HX40W turbos for various applications such as truck, bus, industrial, and fire truck engines.

  • Turbo K31 for Detroit 60 Serial/ CAT C12/ MAN Truck
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    Turbo K31 for Detroit 60 Serial/ CAT C12/ MAN Truck

    Turbo K31 is a high-performance turbocharger that fits for various vehicles with diesel engines, such as Detroit Diesel Series 60, International DT466E, and Volvo D12. Ruich Value offers aftermarket replacement turbochargers for various engine models at competitive prices.

  • Turbo S3B-2/HX50 For MAN Truck with D2866LF Engine
    Turbos Turbochargers

    Turbo S3B-2/HX50 – Quality Aftermarket Turbo by Ruich Value

    Ruich Value offers quality aftermarket turbochargers for various engines. Our Turbo S3B-2/HX50 is made of durable materials and has advanced design features. It is compatible with engines from Cummins, Caterpillar, Scania, MAN, and more.