Ruich Value’s GT4594 Turbo: Power & Efficiency for Volvo Engines

Volvo GT4594 Turbo


Turbochargers are pivotal in the quest for power and efficiency in heavy-duty engines. Ruich Value’s GT4594 Turbo stands out as a superior choice for Volvo’s TAD1241GE and TAD1242GE engines, commonly found in construction, genset, and industrial applications. This blog post will delve into the turbocharger’s features, benefits, and technical specifications, highlighting its integration with Volvo engines.

Features and Benefits

  • Power Boost: The GT4594 Turbo significantly increases engine power, enabling higher productivity for heavy-duty machinery.
  • Fuel Economy: This turbocharger optimizes air intake, improving fuel efficiency and reducing operational costs.
  • Durability: Made with high-quality materials, the GT4594 Turbo withstands demanding conditions, ensuring longevity.
  • Perfect Fit: Designed specifically for Volvo TAD1241GE and TAD1242GE engines, it guarantees easy installation and optimal performance.
  • Quality Tested: Ruich Value’s rigorous testing ensures each turbocharger meets the highest standards of quality and reliability.

Technical Specifications

ManufacturerRuich Value
Technical SupportRuich Value
BrandGarrettTurbo S Outlet
ModelGT4594Turbo S Outlet
ApplicationVolvo TruckTurbo S Outlet
Engine CompatibilityD12A Euro 2 (1997) – 12.0L Diesel, 6 Cylinders, 315KW / 422HPTurbo S Outlet
OEM2389349Turbo S Outlet
Inducer Diameter88mmAmazon
Exducer Diameter77.5mmAmazon
WeightApprox. 41.2 lbs – 44 lbs (varies by source)HHPNaples Turbo

Related Vehicle Models

The GT4594 Turbo is compatible with a range of Volvo engines used in various applications, including:

  • Volvo Construction Equipment: Enhances performance in heavy machinery such as excavators and loaders.
  • Volvo Genset Engines: Provides reliable and efficient power for generator sets.
  • Volvo Industrial Engines: Boosts capabilities in industrial machinery for peak operation.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: What are the benefits of upgrading to a GT4594 Turbo?
A1: Upgrading to a GT4594 Turbo can significantly enhance engine power and torque, improve fuel efficiency, and provide a more responsive driving experience. It’s designed to provide a reliable boost in performance for Volvo’s TAD1241GE and TAD1242GE engines.

Q2: How does a turbocharger improve engine efficiency?
A2: A turbocharger improves engine efficiency by forcing more air into the combustion chamber, allowing the engine to burn fuel more completely and efficiently. This results in increased power output without a corresponding increase in fuel consumption.

Q3: Can the GT4594 Turbo be installed on other engine models?
A3: The GT4594 Turbo is specifically designed for compatibility with Volvo TAD1241GE and TAD1242GE engines. For other engine models, it’s essential to choose a turbocharger that matches the engine specifications to ensure proper fitment and performance.

Volvo GT4594 Turbo


The GT4594 Turbo is a testament to Ruich Value’s commitment to delivering high-quality, performance-enhancing components for heavy-duty engines. By choosing this turbocharger for your Volvo engine, you’re investing in a product that will deliver superior power, efficiency, and reliability.

Interested in boosting your engine’s performance? Contact Ruich Value today or visit our website for more information on the GT4594 Turbo and other exceptional automotive components.

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