Engine Bearings

Explore Ruich Value’s extensive range of high-quality engine bearings designed to meet your specific needs. Our products are manufactured using top-quality materials to ensure exceptional performance. Discover our selection of engine bearings:

Engine Bearings Selection

  1. Main Bearings
    • Material: AlSn20Cu
    • Applications: High-performance cars, buses, construction equipment, and more.
    • Keywords: Main Bearings, AlSn20Cu, High-performance cars.
  2. Crankshaft Bearings
    • Material: AlSn12Si2.5Pb1.7
    • Applications: Passenger cars, forklifts, generator sets, and more.
    • Keywords: Crankshaft Bearings, AlSn12Si2.5Pb1.7, Passenger cars.
  3. Big End Bearings (Conrod Bearings)
    • Material: CuPb24Sn
    • Applications: Heavy trucks, agriculture machines, marine engines, and more.
    • Keywords: Conrod Bearings, CuPb24Sn, Heavy trucks.
  4. Thrust Washer Bearings
    • Material: CuPb24Sn4
    • Applications: Light trucks, buses, and construction equipment.
    • Keywords: Thrust Washer Bearings, CuPb24Sn4, Light trucks.
  5. Flanged Bearings
    • Material: Customizable
    • Applications: Custom solutions to meet specific needs.
    • Keywords: Flanged Bearings, Customizable.

Quality and Customization

Ruich Value is committed to delivering high-quality engine bearings. Our materials and manufacturing processes ensure the longevity and performance of our products. If you have unique specifications or drawings, we can customize engine bearings to meet your exact requirements.

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