Optimize Your Hino Fleet’s Performance: Premier P11C Engine Parts

Replacement Crankshafts for Hino Truck P11c Engine
Hino P11c Crankshaft

Key Takeaways:

  • Explore the pinnacle of engineering precision with Ruich Value’s replacement crankshafts for the Hino Truck P11C engine.
  • Understand why a high-quality crankshaft is vital for your engine’s performance and longevity.
  • Discover how these crankshafts support heavy-duty usage in various models, including the renowned Hino 700 Truck.
  • Uncover the specifications that make Ruich Value’s crankshafts a leading choice in the aftermarket auto parts industry.
  • Learn how to ensure compatibility with your vehicle and where to acquire these essential engine components.


In the world of heavy-duty trucks, engine reliability and performance are paramount. One of the core components facilitating this is the crankshaft, and Ruich Value’s replacement crankshafts for Hino Truck P11C engines represent the epitome of quality and endurance. This blog will delve into the significance of choosing the right crankshaft and how Ruich Value’s exceptional products stand out in the automotive aftermarket.

Features and Benefits:

Our crankshafts are crafted from premium materials using advanced engineering techniques, ensuring they are not only robust but also precise in their application. They undergo rigorous quality assurance testing to guarantee compatibility with the Hino Truck P11C engine and other related models. With a Ruich Value crankshaft, you can expect a direct-fit replacement that will revitalize your engine’s performance and extend its lifespan.

Technical Specifications:

    MaterialHigh-quality forged steel or cast iron
    ProcessingPrecision engineered with CNC machinery
    Part NumberVHS134003373, S134003373
    Engine ModelHino P11C
    Engine Displacement10.52 liters
    Engine Cylinders6
    Crankshaft Stroke150 millimeters
    Crankshaft Weight120 kilograms
    Crankshaft Length1100 millimeters

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    Vehicle ModelBrandEngine ModelApplication
    Hino 700 Series TruckHinoP11CHeavy-duty transportation
    Hino ProfiaHinoP11CFleet and commercial trucking
    Hino 700 SS2PHinoP11CIndustrial & long haul operations
    Compatible Mixer Truck ModelsVariousP11CConstruction and mixing services
    Compatible Overhaul RebuildVariousP11CEngine rebuilding and repair


    Replacing your engine’s crankshaft with a component from Ruich Value means investing in a product that embodies resilience and excellence. With our replacement crankshafts for Hino Truck P11C engines, you are ensuring that your vehicle continues to perform at its peak, mile after mile.

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    (Q1) What are the signs of a failing crankshaft?
    (A1) Tell-tale signs include engine vibrations, oil leakages, and a misfiring engine.

    (Q2) Can I install the replacement crankshaft myself?
    (A2) It’s recommended to have a professional mechanic handle the replacement due to the technical nature of the installation.

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