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Key Takeaways

  • Robust Engine Upgrade: The Mitsubishi 6D16T Crankshaft is engineered for enhanced power and durability.
  • Precision Manufacturing: High-quality materials and advanced machining processes ensure top performance.
  • Broad Compatibility: Fits a range of Mitsubishi trucks and buses, detailed in our compatibility table.
  • Trusted Quality: Ruich Value’s commitment to excellence guarantees a reliable product.
Mitsubishi Crankshaft 6D16T
Mitsubishi 6D16T Crankshaft


Elevate the capabilities of your Mitsubishi engine with the 6D16T Crankshaft from Ruich Value. This essential component is the heart of the engine, designed to deliver superior performance and reliability for heavy-duty applications.

Features and Benefits

The Mitsubishi 6D16T Crankshaft is the product of meticulous engineering, crafted from premium materials to withstand the rigors of demanding usage. It offers:

  • Enhanced Power: Optimized design for improved torque and horsepower.
  • Longevity: Exceptional durability for extended service life.
  • Precision Fit: Manufactured to exacting specifications for a perfect fit.

Technical Specifications

MaterialForged steel
Main Journal Size80 mm
Rod Journal Size65 mm
Total Length900 mm
WeightApproximately 45 kg
BalancingComputer-aided balancing for smooth operation

Vehicle Compatibility

Engine ModelVehicle ModelBrand
6D16TSuper GreatMitsubishi Fuso
6D16TFighterMitsubishi Fuso
6D16TAero BusMitsubishi Fuso

Note: Compatibility information is for illustrative purposes. Please consult with Ruich Value for official compatibility details.

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Note: Images and links are illustrative. Please visit Ruich Value’s website for actual products.


The Mitsubishi 6D16T Crankshaft is a testament to Ruich Value’s dedication to quality and performance. Designed for the most demanding environments, it ensures that your Mitsubishi engine operates at its best.

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Upgrade your vehicle with the Mitsubishi 6D16T Crankshaft from Ruich Value. Contact us for more information and expert advice on our range of engine components. Trust in Ruich Value for unparalleled engine performance.


How does the Mitsubishi 6D16T Crankshaft enhance engine performance?

The crankshaft is precision-engineered to improve torque and horsepower, resulting in a more powerful and efficient engine.

What models are compatible with the 6D16T Crankshaft?

The 6D16T Crankshaft is compatible with various Mitsubishi Fuso trucks and buses, including the Super Great, Fighter, and Aero Bus models.

Where can I purchase the Mitsubishi 6D16T Crankshaft?

The crankshaft is available through Ruich Value’s website and authorized distributors. Visit our product page for more details.

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