Fiat 128/7552612 Camshaft: Reliable & Durable

Looking for a camshaft that can fit your Fiat 128 engine? Check out Fiat 128/7552612 Camshaft by Ruich Value, a trusted manufacturer and supplier of camshafts.

Fiat 128/7552612 Camshaft

Ruich Value is a leading manufacturer and supplier of high-quality camshafts for various applications. We are proud to introduce our Fiat 128/7552612 Camshaft, a reliable and durable camshaft that can fit your Fiat 128 engine.

Features of Fiat 128/7552612 Camshaft

  • Compatible with Fiat 128 engine, a 1.0L to 1.6L petrol engine with 4 cylinders and single overhead camshaft
  • Based on the original Fiat OEM camshaft, which has a proven track record of efficiency and reliability
  • Has a higher duration and profile than a typical stock camshaft, great for street performance
  • Has a cast iron material and a CNC machining production process, which ensures high precision and durability
  • Has a torque specification of 25 Nm for the camshaft sprocket bolts

Product Information

Material Production Process Application
Cast iron CNC machining Fiat 128 engine

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