Turbos HX82 for Cummins QSX15 Engine

Turbos HX82 is a high-performance turbocharger suitable for Cummins and DEUTZ engines. It delivers increased power and efficiency, while reducing emissions and noise.

Turbos HX82 Turbocharger: A High-Performance Solution for Diesel Engines

Turbos HX82 is a high-performance turbocharger that is suitable for diesel engines, such as Cummins and DEUTZ brands. It can improve the engine’s power and efficiency while reducing emissions and noise. If you are looking for a reliable, durable, and efficient turbocharger, then Turbos HX82 is your best choice.

Turbos HX82 Features

  • Dry bearing housing, which reduces friction and wear, and extends service life
  • Large compressor wheel, which provides greater airflow and pressure ratio, and increases engine output power
  • Adjustable wastegate, which automatically adjusts the turbocharger’s performance according to the engine’s operating conditions, and optimizes fuel consumption and emissions

Turbos HX82 Product Information

Product Name Turbos HX82 Turbocharger
Material High-strength aluminum alloy and stainless steel
Production Process CNC machining and precision casting
Applicable Engines Cummins Tier 2 Power Gen 15 liter ISX/QSX1, DEUTZ Marine2, etc.
Product Number 35954562, 40356823, 4025393RX1, etc.

Turbos HX82 Related Models

If you are looking for other models of turbochargers that are compatible with your engine, you can also check out our other products below:

Turbo Model Product Number Applicable Engines Airflow (kg/s) Output Range (kW)
HX83 3595457, 4035683, 4025394RX, etc. Cummins Tier 2 Power Gen 15 liter ISX/QSX, DEUTZ Marine, etc. 1.8 450-1000
HX80 3595455, 4035681, 4025392RX, etc. Cummins Tier 2 Power Gen 15 liter ISX/QSX, DEUTZ Marine, etc. 1.3 300-700
HX60W 3537010, 3537011, 3537012, etc. Cummins QSK19/QSK23/QSK38/QSK50/QSK60 0.9-1.4 250-600
HX55W 3536995, 3536996, 3536997, etc. Cummins QSK19/QSK23/QSK38/QSK50/QSK60 0.7-1.0 200-450
HX52W 3599996, 3599997, 3599998, etc. Cummins QSK19/QSK23/QSK38/QSK50/QSK60 0.5-0.8 150-350
HX40W-II Super Wide Gap (SWG) 4032127 Cummins ISL9 0.3-0.5 100-250

Meanwhile, there are more turbo and its spare parts such as Turbocharger core assembly, cartridge/Chra, compressor wheel, turbine wheel, wastegate, actuator, bearing housing, and repair kits available

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