Cummins Cylinder Heads 6CT/6CTA 8.3

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Cummins Cylinder Heads 6CT/6CTA 8.3 | Ruich Value

Cummins Cylinder Heads 6CT/6CTA 8.3 are high-performance diesel engine cylinder heads that are suitable for various marine and land applications. They have excellent durability and reliability. They can be used with Cummins 6C, 6CT, and 6CTA 8.3 series diesel engines, providing 164-270 horsepower of power output.

Product Features

  • They adopt an in-line six-cylinder four-stroke diesel engine design, with a displacement of 8.3 liters.
  • They use turbocharging (6CT) or turbocharging/intercooler (6CTA) technology, which improves combustion efficiency and power output.
  • They use an inline injection pump fuel system, which ensures accurate fuel supply and injection.
  • They meet IMO Tier I or Tier II emission standards, reducing the environmental impact.
  • They undergo strict quality control and testing, ensuring product performance and life span.
  • They enjoy the support and warranty of Cummins’s global service network.

Product Information

Product Name Cummins Cylinder Heads 6CT/6CTA 8.3
Product Model 3802432 (16-inch intake) or 3802469 (21-inch intake)
Product Material Cast iron
Product Weight 684 kg (1505 lb) or 702 kg (1545 lb)
Product Dimensions 1182 x 710 x 1137 mm (47 x 28 x 45 in)
Production Process Precision casting and machining
Applicable Engine Model Cummins 6C, 6CT and 6CTA 8.3 series diesel engines
Applicable Engine Brand Cummins
Applicable Engine Power Range 164-270 horsepower (122-201 kW)
Applicable Engine Speed Range 1500-1800 rpm (50-60 Hz)
Applicable Application Areas Marine commercial vessels, marine recreational vessels, marine auxiliary generators, land generators, fire pumps and hydraulic devices, etc.

Other Related Models

Cylinder Head Model Cylinder Head Model Cylinder Head Model
CNT855 (Assm) K19 (Assm) 4B/4BT (Assm)
6B/6BT (Assm) ISBE -6D 5.9 (Assm) ISF2.8 (Assm)
ISF3.8 (Assm) ISDE-4D 4.5 ISDE-4D
ISDE -6D/QSB6.7(Assm) ISC (Assm) ISX15/QSX15
M11 A2300 NT855/D85
B 6CT/6CTA 8.3

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