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Ruich Value offers high-quality KIA J3 cylinder head for KIA and Hyundai diesel engines. Find out more about its features, specifications and benefits here

KIA J3 Cylinder Head

Ruich Value is a professional manufacturer and supplier of high-quality cylinder heads for various engines and vehicles. We are proud to introduce our latest product, the KIA J3 cylinder head, which is designed to fit the KIA J3 2.9L diesel engine. This cylinder head is made of durable and lightweight aluminium material and has undergone strict quality control and testing to ensure its performance and reliability.

Features of KIA J3 Cylinder Head

  • 16 valves and 4 cylinders configuration for optimal combustion and power output
  • DOHC camshaft design for precise valve timing and smooth operation
  • Belt-driven camshaft for reduced noise and vibration
  • Compatible with Hyundai J3 engine as well as KIA J3 engine
  • Suitable for various KIA models, such as Sedona, Grand Sedona and K2900

Product Information of KIA J3 Cylinder Head

Item Specification
Material Aluminium
Engine J3
Number of Cylinder 4
Number of Valve 16
Fuel Diesel
Capacity 2902 cc
Cam Drive Belt

Other Related Models


Engine Code OEM No. Vehicle Material
J2 0K65A-10-100D/0K65A-10-100E KIA Pregio, Bongo 3 Cast Iron
D4CB 22100-4A000/22100-4A010 Hyundai H1, Starex, iLoad, iMax Aluminium
G4FA 22100-2B001/22100-2B002 Hyundai Accent Blue, i20, i30 Aluminium
G4FC 22100-2B002/22100-2B003 Hyundai Accent Blue, i20, i30; KIA Cerato Aluminium
G4EH 22100-22650/22100-22651 Hyundai Atos, Santro Xing; KIA Picanto Aluminium
G4EK 22100-22010/22100-22012 Hyundai Accent, Excel; KIA Rio, Pride Aluminium
J3 0K65C-10-100D/0K65C-10-100E KIA Sedona, Grand Sedona, K2900; Hyundai J3 engine Aluminium
RF (24MM) RF01-10-100E/R2L1-10-100A Mazda B2500, MPV, 626, Premacy; Ford Ranger; KIA Sportage Cast Iron
RF (20MM) RF01-10-100E/R2L1-10-100A Mazda B2500, MPV, 626, Premacy; Ford Ranger; KIA Sportage Cast Iron
BESTA R2 2.2 OK65C10100/OK65C10101
JT 0K75A-10-100D/0K75A-10-100E KIA Pregio, Bongo 3, Besta Cast Iron
JTA 0K75A-10-100F/0K75A-10-100G KIA Pregio, Bongo 3, Besta Cast Iron
A5D 22100-2X000/22100-2X010 Hyundai Accent, Getz; KIA Rio, Picanto Aluminium
F8 FE70-10-100F/F850-10-100F Mazda E1800, E2000; Ford Econovan, Spectron Aluminium
S2 OK65C-10-100D/OK65C-10-100E

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