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Looking for a dependable and cheap camshaft for your Isuzu 4ZE1 4ZD1 engine? You’ve come to the right place. Ruich Value (Shenyang) Tech Co., Ltd. is a professional maker and seller of engine parts for various brands and models. We have over 20 years of experience and we offer high-quality products and services.

What is a camshaft and why do you need it?

A camshaft is a key part of an engine that controls the valves. It spins with the crankshaft and pushes the rocker arms or tappets to open and close the valves. The valve timing affects the engine performance, fuel efficiency and emissions.

A bad camshaft can cause problems like power loss, rough idle, poor acceleration, high fuel consumption and emissions. So, you need to replace your camshaft when it wears out or breaks.

Ruich Value Isuzu 4ZE1 4ZD1 camshaft feature

Our Isuzu 4ZE1 4ZD1 camshaft is made to meet or exceed the original standards and quality. It is made of strong cast iron or forged steel with precise machining and heat treatment. It has a smooth surface and accurate size to fit and work perfectly.

Some benefits of our Isuzu 4ZE1 4ZD1 camshaft are:

  • Fits Isuzu 4ZE1 4ZD1 engine, a 2.3 L or 2.6 L SOHC or DOHC petrol engine with electronic fuel injection system.
  • Works for various models and brands that use the Isuzu 4ZE1 4ZD1 engine, such as Holden Rodeo, Isuzu Faster, Isuzu Rodeo, Isuzu Trooper, Honda Passport, etc…
  • Tested and verified for performance, durability and reliability.
  • Affordable price and fast delivery.

Product info

Here are some details about our Isuzu 4ZE1 4ZD1 camshaft:

Item Description
Material Cast iron or forged steel
Production process Casting or forging, machining, heat treatment
Application Isuzu 4ZE1 4ZD1 engine
Engine code 4ZE1 or 4ZD1
Cylinder bore 91.9 mm (3.62 in)
Piston stroke 86 mm (3.39 in)
Displacement 2.3 L (2254 cc) or 2.6 L (2559 cc)
Valvetrain SOHC or DOHC with two or four valves per cylinder
Fuel system Electronic fuel injection system

Other related models

We also offer other camshaft models for different Isuzu engines, such as:

Model Model Model Model
G161Z G180Z G200Z C240
C223 C190 8PE1 8PD1
8PC 6WA1 6VD1 6SD1
6SA1 6RB1 E120 6QA1
6HK1 6HE1 6BG1 6BD1
6BB1 4ZE1 4ZD1 4ZC1
4BC2 4ZA1 4Y 4HE1-T
4JB1 4JA1 10PC 4HK1
4BE1 4HG1 4HF1

We can also develop customized models per your drawing or samples. 

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