Isuzu Cylinder Head 4BA1

Enhance Isuzu 4BA1 engine with Ruich Value’s high-quality Cylinder Head (Part Numbers: 5-11110-231-0, 5-11110-238-0). Boost performance and efficiency


Welcome to Ruich Value – Your Trusted Source for Isuzu 4BA1 Engine Cylinder Heads. Our high-quality cast iron heads are designed to elevate your engine’s performance, ensuring optimal power, torque, and fuel efficiency.

What Sets Our Cylinder Head Apart

Our Cylinder Head, compatible with the Isuzu 4BA1 engine, boasts a weight of approximately 30 kg, providing durability and reliability. Customizable with part numbers 5-11110-231-0 or 5-11110-238-0, it perfectly aligns with the specifications of your engine.

Key Features

  • Cast Iron Construction: Ensures robustness and longevity.
  • Compatibility: Tailored for Isuzu 4BA1 Engine (2.8L diesel, 4 cylinders).
  • Performance Boost: Improves power, torque, fuel economy, and emissions.
  • Low Noise Operation: Enjoy a smooth and quiet engine experience.
  • Easy Maintenance: Simplified installation and upkeep.

Product Details

Here are some of the product details of our cylinder head:

Part Name Cylinder Head
Part Number 5-11110-231-0 or 5-11110-238-0
Material Cast Iron
Weight About 30 kg
Application For Isuzu 4BA1 Engine
Engine Type Diesel
Displacement 2.8L
Cylinders 4
Injection System Direct Injection

Why Choose Ruich Value?

With over two decades of experience, Ruich Value stands as a reliable partner in delivering top-notch engine components. Trust us to provide quality, affordability, and efficient after-sales service.

Optimize Your Isuzu 4BA1 Engine with Ruich Value Cylinder Heads

Enhance your engine’s performance and longevity with Ruich Value’s Cylinder Head for the Isuzu 4BA1 engine. Experience the difference in power, efficiency, and durability. Contact us now to place your order.

Other Related Models of Cylinder Heads for Isuzu Engine

We also offer other cylinder head models for different Isuzu engines, such as:

Model Model Model Model
4JG2 4ZD1 4ZE1 (Engine round combustion chamber) 4ZE1
4JA1/ 4JB1 4JX1 4BA1 4DR7
4BD1 4BD2 4HG1 4HF1
4HE1 4HK1 4KH1 BE1
6BD1 6HK1 6D22/ 6D24 4JJ1
4LE1 4ZD1-new 4ZE1-new 4ZE3
4BD2T 6SD1

We can also develop customized models per your drawing or samples. 

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