Common Rail Fuel Injector/Nozzle 320-0690/2645A749/2475A738 for Perkins/CAT/JCB C6

Upgrade your diesel engine with Ruich Value’s premium fuel injector 2645A749/2475A738. Compatible with Perkins/CAT C6 engines. Explore now!

If you are looking for a high-quality and reliable fuel injector for your diesel engine, you have come to the right place. Ruich Value is a professional supplier of common rail fuel injectors and nozzles for various engine models and brands. In this page, we will introduce our product 320-0690/2645A749/2475A738, which is compatible with Perkins/CAT/JCB C6 engines.

What is a Common Rail Fuel Injector/Nozzle?

A common rail fuel injector or nozzle is part of a diesel engine that injects a fine mist of fuel into the cylinder for combustion. It is controlled by an electronic unit that regulates the pressure, timing, and quantity of the fuel injection. A common rail fuel injector or nozzle has several advantages over conventional injectors, such as:

  • Improved fuel efficiency and lower emissions
  • Better performance and power output
  • Reduced noise and vibration
  • Longer service life and lower maintenance costs

Why Choose Our Product 320-0690/2645A749/2475A738?

Our product 320-0690/2645A749/2475A738 is a genuine Perkins remanufactured unit that has been tested and certified to meet the original specifications and standards. It has the following features:

Feature Description
Material High-quality steel and copper
Production process Precision machining, grinding, polishing, cleaning, testing and calibration
Application Compatible with Perkins/CAT/JCB C6 engine series 1106D-E66TA
Price Competitive and negotiable
Delivery time Within 7 days after payment confirmation
Payment terms T/T, L/C, Western Union, PayPal, etc.
Shipping methods DHL, FedEx, UPS, TNT, EMS, etc.

Other Related Models We Offer

Besides 2645A749/2475A738, we also offer other common rail fuel injectors and nozzles for Perkins/CAT engines. Here are some of them:

Part number Description Engine model/brand
Caterpillar Fuel Injectors C7 C9 Fuel injector/nozzle C7/C9/CAT C7 C9
Caterpillar Fuel Injectors 326-4700 Fuel injector/nozzle C6.4/CAT 320D

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