Komatsu 6D125/S6D125 Crankshaft

Explore the strength of Ruich Value’s Komatsu 6D125/S6D125 Crankshaft. Precision-crafted for durability, it enhances engine performance. Contact us for details.

Product Introduction

The Komatsu 6D125/S6d125 Crankshaft plays a crucial role in the Komatsu 6D125 engine. It converts the reciprocating motion of the pistons into the rotary motion of the output shaft. Crafted from high-strength forged steel and precision-machined, this crankshaft guarantees exceptional performance and durability.

Product Features

  • High-Strength Construction: Crafted from forged steel for utmost strength.
  • Precision Machining: Ensures optimal performance and durability.
  • OEM Specifications: Engineered to meet or exceed OEM standards.
  • Ruich Value Warranty: Backed by our Ruich Value warranty for your peace of mind.

Product Information

Specification Value
Part Number 6151-35-1010
Material Forged steel/Casting
Production Process Precision machining
Application for Engine Model and Brand Komatsu 6D125/S6D125
Length 1105 mm
Main Journal 110 mm
Rod Journal 80 mm
Stroke 75 mm
Komatsu Model Komatsu Model Komatsu Model Komatsu Model
4D94E/4TNE94 4D107 4D95/4D95D S4D95
4D95E/4D95S 4D130/4D120 6D95L S6D107
4D95L 4D95/4D95D 6D102 6D114/S6D114
4D102/S4D102 6D95L S6D105 S6D140-2
6D110/S6D110 6D108/S6D108 6D125/S6D125 6D140
6D114/S6D114 S6D140-3 S6D140-5 6D170
S6D95 6D155/S6D155 6D140

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