Quality Bosch Injector Nozzle 0 445 120 217 by Ruich Value

Ruich Value offers quality Bosch Injector Nozzle 0 445 120 217 for various diesel engines. Learn more about the features and benefits of this product.

Bosch Injector Nozzle 0 445 120 217


Bosch Injector Nozzle 0 445 120 217 is a high-quality diesel engine injector nozzle, suitable for diesel engines of MAN, NEOPLAN, TEMSA and other brands. This injector nozzle adopts the advanced Common Rail (CR) technology, which can provide precise fuel injection, improve the performance and efficiency of diesel engines. This injector nozzle is produced and distributed by Ruich Value, and is a quality alternative to Bosch original parts.


  • Made of high-strength materials, wear-resistant, high-temperature resistant, corrosion-resistant
  • Processed with precision machining technology, ensuring the size and shape of the injector nozzle meet the standards
  • Controlled with strict quality control process, ensuring the performance and reliability of the injector nozzle
  • Tested with professional testing equipment, ensuring the parameters and data of the injector nozzle are accurate
  • Installed with convenient installation method, ensuring the safety and stability of the injector nozzle

Product Information

Material Production Process Application Vehicle Application Engine
High-strength steel Precision machining MAN, NEOPLAN, TEMSA, etc. D 0836, D 2066, etc.

Other Related Models

Bosch Model OEM Model
0 445 120 217 L1 10100-6126, 51101006126
0 445 120 218 L1 10100-6127, 51101006127
0 445 120 219 L1 10100-6128, 51101006128
0 445 120 220 L1 10100-6129, 51101006129

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Except for the Injector/Nozzle Assembly, We can also supply high-quality fuel injector spare parts for various diesel engines, made with advanced technology and equipment, with competitive prices and fast delivery.

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