Main bearing for Iveco 8210.22 engine

Ruich Value Iveco 8210.22 Main Bearing: High-quality, precision-engineered bearing that meets or exceeds OEM specifications

Iveco 8210.22 Main Bearing

Iveco 8210.22 main bearing is a high-quality engine part produced by Ruich Value, suitable for Iveco 8210.22 engine. The main bearing is an important component of the engine, it supports the crankshaft and ensures its smooth operation. Ruich Value’s Iveco 8210.22 main bearing has the following features:

  • Made of high-quality materials and processes, with high strength, wear resistance and corrosion resistance
  • Adopt precise dimensions and tolerances to ensure good fit with the crankshaft and cylinder block
  • Adopt special lubricating oil groove design to effectively distribute lubricating oil and reduce friction and wear
  • Adopt professional packaging and transportation methods to ensure the integrity of the product

Product Information

Product Name Iveco 8210.22 Main Bearing
Manufacturer Ruich Value
Engine Maker Iveco
Engine Model 8210.22
Cylinder Number 6
Displacement 13.8 L
Power 224 kW

Other Available Related Models:

There are more available models as follows for your reference.

Model Model Model Model
KSC1782(8210,8215.02) KSC1780 KSC1713(8140.63, 8140.23) KSC1706
KSC1706(8141.21.200) KSC1705 8040.05 KSC1704
8040.05 8065.24 KSC1702(020) KSC1701(8210 8215.02) KSC1701(010)
KSC1633(1628+0.25) KSC1628(F1AMain bearing) KSC1618(1613+0.25) KSC1613(F1CMain bearing)
KSC1607(F1A Corod bearing) KSC1601(F1C Corod bearing) F4AE0481, 0681, 3481, 3681 F4AE0481A
F4AE3481C(580M3) F3B3681 F3BE0681 F3B3681A
F3BE0681A F3AE0681E F3AE0681D F3AE0681B
F3AE3681B F3AE3681Y F2CE0681A~0684A F2BE0681A~E, 3681A~C
F2BE1682G F1CE0481 3481(KSC1613) F1CE0481 3481(KSC1601)(601, 602) F1AE0481A, B, C, D, FA, GA, HA
F1AE3481A(KSC1628) F1AE0481A, B, C, D, FA, GA, HA F1AE3481A(KSC1607) Cursor 9
Cursor 8 Cursor 13 Cursor 10 8060.25
8340.04 8060.06 8340.05 8360.03
8040.05.200 8040.45 8060.05 8051.05 8055.05I 8025.06 8025.05
8040.05.200 8040.25 8040.45 8045.05
8045.06 8061.05 8051.05 8055.05I 8025.06 8025.05

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