Renault MIDR 06.02.26D Cylinder Liner/Cylinder Sleeve

Looking for a reliable and durable cylinder liner for your Renault engine? Check out our Renault MIDR 06.02.26D cylinder liner, made of cast iron and honed to precise specifications. Visit our website to learn more

Renault MIDR 06.02.26D Cylinder Liner | Ruich Value


The Renault MIDR 06.02.26D cylinder liner is part of the engine that forms the inner wall of the cylinder and protects the cylinder block from wear and corrosion. It is made of high-quality cast iron and honed to precise specifications to ensure durability and performance.

The Renault MIDR 06.02.26D cylinder liner is suitable for various Renault models, such as Premium, Midlum, Midliner, Manager, and G series trucks. It can improve the compression ratio and efficiency of the engine and reduce friction and oil consumption. Whether you are a distributor, wholesaler, fleet manager, or end-user, you will find our Renault MIDR 06.02.26D cylinder liner to be a great choice for your engine needs.


  • High-quality cast iron material with excellent strength and wear resistance
  • Precise honing and quality control to ensure dimensional accuracy and smoothness
  • Compatible with various Renault models and engines
  • Easy to install and maintain
  • Affordable and reliable

Product Info

Item Specification
Commodity Cylinder Liner
Engine Maker Renault
Engine Model MIDR 06.02.26D
Material Cast Iron
Production Process Casting + Honing
Application Renault Trucks

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