Mercedes Benz OM611 cylinder head

Enhance engine performance with Ruich Value’s OM611 Cylinder Head. High-quality, 16-valve compatible for OM611 and OM646 engines.

Mercedes Benz OM611 Cylinder Head

The Mercedes Benz OM611 cylinder head is a high-quality replacement part for the original cylinder head of your OM611 engine. The OM611 engine is a 4-cylinder diesel engine with common rail direct injection and turbocharging, used in various Mercedes Benz models such as Sprinter, C-Class and E-Class. The cylinder head is the top part of the engine that covers the cylinders and contains the valves, camshafts and fuel injectors.

Features of Mercedes Benz OM611 Cylinder Head

  • Made of durable and corrosion-resistant cast iron material
  • Manufactured with precision and accuracy to ensure perfect fit and performance
  • Compatible with 16-valve OM611 and OM646 engines
  • Tested and inspected to meet or exceed OEM standards
  • Comes with a one-year warranty and fast shipping

Product Information

Item Specification
Material Cast iron
Production process Casting, machining, testing
Application Mercedes Benz OM611 / OM646 engines
OEM part number 6110105020
Ruich Value part number RV-MB-OM611

Other Related Models

The other related models of the cylinder head for Mercedes Benz Engine are shown in the table below:

Part Number Application Engine Type Displacement Power Torque
3520100620 OM352 6-Cylinder Diesel 5.7 L 96-129 kW 363-580 Nm
3660100220 OM366 6-Cylinder Diesel 5.9 L 110-170 kW 520-810 Nm
3660100320 OM366A 6-Cylinder Diesel Turbocharged 5.9 L 141-206 kW 650-1100 Nm
6110100220 OM611 4-Cylinder Diesel Common Rail Turbocharged 2.1 or 2.2 L 60-105 kW 200-315 Nm
6120100220 OM612 5-Cylinder Diesel Common Rail Turbocharged 2.7 L 115-130 kW 330-400 Nm
6510100220 OM651 4-Cylinder Diesel Common Rail Twin Turbocharged 1.8 or 2.1 L 70-150 kW 250-500 Nm
3550100220 OM355 6-Cylinder Diesel Common Rail Twin Turbocharged 9.6 L 141-206 kW 650-1100 Nm

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