Komatsu 4D94E Cylinder Head

Are you looking for a high-quality cylinder head for your Komatsu engine? Do you want to improve the performance and durability of your engine? If yes, then you need the Komatsu 4D94E Cylinder Head by Ruich Value.

What is a Cylinder Head?

A cylinder head is a crucial component of an internal combustion engine. It sits on top of the cylinder block and seals the combustion chamber. It also houses the valves, spark plugs, fuel injectors, and other components that control the intake and exhaust of air and fuel.

A cylinder head plays a vital role in ensuring the efficiency and reliability of your engine. It affects the compression ratio, airflow, cooling, and lubrication of your engine. A faulty or damaged cylinder head can cause serious problems such as overheating, loss of power, poor fuel economy, and engine failure.

Ruich Value Komatsu 4D94E Cylinder Head Feature

The Komatsu 4D94E Cylinder Head by Ruich Value is a premium product that meets or exceeds the original equipment manufacturer’s (OEM) specifications. It is designed and manufactured with the following features:

  • High-quality material: The cylinder head is made of cast iron, which is strong, durable, and resistant to corrosion and wear.
  • Advanced production process: The cylinder head undergoes precision machining, heat treatment, pressure testing, and surface finishing to ensure its accuracy, stability, and performance.
  • Excellent compatibility: The cylinder head fits perfectly with the Komatsu 4D94E engine model, which is widely used in forklifts, excavators, loaders, generators, and other industrial applications.
  • Competitive price: The cylinder head is offered at a reasonable price that gives you the best value for your money.

Product Info

Item Specification
Product Name Komatsu 4D94E Cylinder Head
Brand Ruich Value
Material Cast Iron
OEM No. 6144-11-1112
Engine Model Komatsu 4D94E
Application Forklifts, Excavators, Loaders, Generators, etc.
Warranty 12 Months

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Engine Model OEM No.
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Komatsu 6D107E(Assm) 6754-11-1101
Komatsu 4D94LE YM129927-11700
Komatsu 4D95 6204-11-1100
Komatsu 6D95L 6207-11-1100

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