Scania DS14 Cylinder Liner

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Scania DS14 Cylinder Liners are manufactured using high-quality materials and advanced production processes to ensure durability, reliability, and optimal engine performance. These cylinder liners are designed to withstand the extreme conditions and heavy loads associated with Scania engines, providing superior wear resistance and extended service life. By choosing Ruich Value Scania DS14 Cylinder Liners, you can ensure that your Scania engine operates at its peak efficiency and performance.


  • Manufactured using high-quality materials for exceptional durability and reliability
  • Advanced production processes ensure precise fitment and optimal engine performance
  • Designed to withstand extreme conditions and heavy loads
  • Superior wear resistance for extended service life
  • Ensures efficient engine operation and peak performance

Product Information:

Specification Value
Part Number 2245332,1451384,2259728
Material Cast Iron
Production Process Centrifugal Casting
Application Scania DS14 Engines

Related Models:

Besides Scania DS14 Cylinder Liner, we also produce and supply cylinder liners for other Scania models, such as:

Scania Cylinder Liner Models Scania Cylinder Liner Models Scania Cylinder Liner Models Scania Cylinder Liner Models
DN9.01/DS9.02 D11/DS11/DS11/DSC11 DS11.01/DSI11.01 DS11.75/DSC11.21
DSC9.11/DC9.01 D11/DN11.01/DSC11.01 DS11/DSC1101 DC11.47/DC11.01
DS14/DS14.01 DS14 DS11.78/DSC11.24/DSC11.27 DS14 CASE/DS14.86
DSI11.62/DSI11.66 DSC14.13 DC11.09 DN8.01

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