Cummins Camshaft NT855

Cummins Camshaft NT855 is crafted from alloy cast iron and optimized for Cummins NTA855 engines, delivering improved fuel injection, enhanced performance, reduced wear, and extended engine life

Cummins Camshaft NT855


A camshaft is a vital part of your diesel engine that controls the timing and amount of fuel injection. It also affects the engine’s performance, efficiency, and emission levels. If you are looking for a high-quality camshaft for your Cummins diesel engine, you should consider the Cummins Camshaft NT855 from Ruich Value.

The Cummins Camshaft NT855 is designed for the 14 litre, six-cylinder NTA855 engine series, which has been proven through millions of hours of operation in some of the world’s most demanding applications. The Cummins Camshaft NT855 can handle higher injection pressures, with redesigned overhead arrangement, pistons, crankshaft and camshaft. It also has a gear train with high contact ratio spur gears that eliminates unwanted thrust loads and reduces noise.


  • Made of alloy cast iron with removable wet liners
  • Compatible with various models of Cummins NTA855 engines
  • Provides precise and uniform fuel injection
  • Improves power, efficiency and emission performance
  • Reduces wear and tear and extends engine life
  • Easy to install and maintain

Product information

Material Production process Application engine model and brand
Alloy cast iron CNC machining Cummins NTA855-C280/ C310/ C335/ C360/ C400

Cummins NTA855-G1/ G2/ G3/ G4

Other Related Cummins Camshafts Available

Model Model Model Model
V28 6LT 155V-6 FP3277463 V903
NT855 4BT 6BT 6C/6CT
6L NT855 K19/KTA19/QSK19 L10
SC D6114A SC D6114B SC 6114D9 M11
ISX15 NH220 N14 K38

We can also develop specific models per your drawing or sample.

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