Turbo GT22-2 W For Mazda Ford with BT50 Engine

Upgrade your Mazda or Ford with Ruich Value’s Turbo GT22-2-W for BT50 Engine. High-quality turbocharger for enhanced performance. Explore now!

GT22-2 W Turbo


The GT22-2 W turbo is a versatile and powerful turbocharger that can boost the performance of various engines with a displacement range of 1.7L to 2.5L and a horsepower range of 150 to 260. This turbocharger is based on the well-known GT Series aerodynamics and features a journal bearing / floating bearing design, a water and oil-cooled system, and an internally wastegated turbine housing. The GT22-2 W turbo can be used for passenger cars, light-duty trucks, and marine applications, and is compatible with different engine models and brands. Whether you need more power, more torque, or more efficiency, the GT22-2 W turbo can deliver it.


The GT22-2 W turbo has the following features:

  • Journal bearing / floating bearing design for durability and reliability
  • Water and oil cooled for optimal temperature control
  • Cast iron turbine housing and aluminum compressor housing for strength and light weight
  • Precision machining and balancing for smooth operation and performance
  • Strict quality control and inspection for dimensional accuracy and performance
  • Compatible with various engine models and brands
  • Affordable price and fast delivery

Product Info

Item Specification
Commodity Turbocharger
Turbo Model GT22-2 W
OEM Number Varies depending on the engine model
Material Cast iron / aluminum
Production Process Casting – Heat treatment – Rough machining

– Quenching and tempering – Semi-finish machining

– Finish machining – Grinding – Polishing

Application Passenger cars, light duty trucks, marine applications
Engine Displacement 1.7L – 2.5L
Engine Horsepower 150 – 260

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