Deutz 2F1011 Crankshaft

Upgrade your Deutz F2L1011 engine’s performance with our premium crankshaft. Made from forged steel for exceptional strength and durability!

Ruich Value proudly presents the Deutz F2L1011 Crankshaft, the vital component driving exceptional performance, reliability, and longevity for your Deutz engine.

1. Brief Introduction:

The Deutz F2L1011 Crankshaft converts the reciprocating motion of pistons into rotational motion, powering your engine. As a critical component, its quality heavily influences smooth operation, optimal performance, and extended engine life.

2. Features:

  • Exceptional Strength and Durability: Forged steel construction ensures resistance to wear and tear, even under demanding conditions.
  • Precisely Machined and Balanced: Guarantees smooth engine operation and minimizes vibration.
  • High-Quality Materials and Manufacturing: Engineered for maximum performance and durability.

3. Product Information:

Feature Specification
Part Number 04270231, 02928288, 04179410, 04287293
Material Forged Steel
Production Process Forging, Machining, Grinding
Application Deutz F2L1011, F2M1011, 1011F
Stroke 52.5 mm
Main Bearing Journal Diameter 70 mm
Connecting Rod Journal Diameter 55 mm

4. Related Models:

Engine Model Crankshaft Part Number
Deutz BF4L913 4150526
Deutz 1015V60 4242031
Deutz 1015V12 4242032
Deutz F3L1011 04270229, 02928289
Deutz F2L912 3371552, 0415259, 02232854, 02929337

we can also develop a specific model per your drawing or sample

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