2200cc/209.5lbs Racing Car Fuel Injector/Drug Racing Car Fuel Injector

Unleash the power of your racing car with Ruich Value’s high-performance injectors. LS3 EV6 design, ASNU tested, and custom grouping for optimal engine performance

Welcome to Ruich Value’s official website, where we present our high-performance Racing Car Injectors meticulously engineered to fuel the adrenaline of racing enthusiasts. Our injectors cover a wide flow rate range from 2200cc/min to 350cc/min, making them versatile options for various racing car applications.

Key Features:

  • High-flow capacity: Our Racing Car Injectors offer a flow rate range from 2200cc/min, ideal for high-power racing cars, to 350cc/min, perfect for precision engines that demand optimal fuel delivery.
  • LS3 EV6 design: Each injector is carefully crafted with LS3 EV6 specifications, providing precise fuel delivery and compatibility with LS3 engine models, enhancing overall engine efficiency and performance.
  • Exceptional atomization: Enjoy optimal combustion, improved throttle response, and increased horsepower, giving you a competitive edge on the racing circuit.
  • Enhanced fuel efficiency: Stay longer on the track without frequent refueling, allowing you to focus on pushing the limits and achieving peak performance.
  • Superior durability: Our Racing Car Injectors are built to withstand the demands of racing environments, ensuring reliability and longevity.
  • ASNU tested: Before shipment, each injector undergoes a rigorous 100% ASNU test to guarantee top-notch performance and consistency, providing you with the utmost confidence in your racing car’s fuel system.
  • Custom grouping: We offer the flexibility to group injectors per your specific requirements, ensuring you get the perfect fuel delivery solution for your racing car’s engine configuration.

Product Information:

Flow Rate Range Injector Type Material Production Process Application
2200cc/min to 350cc/min LS3 EV6 High-grade materials State-of-the-art manufacturing techniques Engine Models: Compatible with LS3 engine models, Brands: Suitable for various racing car applications

Related Models:

Explore our range of high-performance Racing Car Injectors designed to cover various flow rate specifications. Here are some of our related models:

Injector Model Flow Rate Range Engine Compatibility
Racing Car Injector 1800cc 1800cc/min to 2200cc/min LS1 EV6, Precision Engine Models, Racing Cars
Racing Car Injector 2000cc 2000cc/min to 250cc/min LS2 EV6, Modified Engine Applications
Racing Car Injector 2800cc 2800cc/min to 350cc/min LS3 EV6, Custom Racing Engines

Please note that these related models cater to different engine configurations and flow rate specifications, offering versatility for various racing car applications. We can further customize the grouping to meet your specific requirements, ensuring you receive the ideal fuel delivery solution for your racing car’s engine.

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At Ruich Value, we take pride in delivering top-notch performance solutions for racing enthusiasts. If you have any inquiries, require technical support, or need assistance in selecting the perfect injector for your racing car, our expert team is here to assist you.

Feel free to get in touch by visiting our Contact Us page. We value your racing ambitions and are eager to help you achieve the podium finishes you desire.

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