Caterpillar S6K Crankshaft

Ruich Value is a leading manufacturer and supplier of crankshafts for various engines including Caterpillar S6K. We have over 20 years of experience in manufacturing and supplying high-quality engine parts for various vehicles. We are committed to providing you with the best products and services possible.

Looking for a quality and affordable crankshaft for your Caterpillar S6K engine? You’ve come to the right place. Ruich Value is a leading manufacturer and supplier of crankshafts for various engines, including Caterpillar S6K.


A Caterpillar S6K crankshaft is the main part of a Caterpillar S6K engine, which is a 5.9 L diesel engine used in excavators, loaders, bulldozers, and other construction machinery. The Caterpillar S6K crankshaft converts the motion of the pistons into rotational motion that drives the transmission and the wheels. It is made of forged steel and has a stroke of 127 mm.

Product Feature

Ruich Value’s Caterpillar S6K crankshaft is designed and manufactured with high standards of quality and performance. Here are some reasons to choose our Caterpillar S6K crankshaft:

  • It is durable, heat-treated, and balanced to ensure smooth operation.
  • It is precision-machined and tested to meet or exceed the original specifications of Caterpillar.
  • It is compatible with various models of vehicles that use the Caterpillar S6K engine, such as CAT 320, CAT 320B, CAT 320C, CAT 320D, CAT E200B, CAT E240B, CAT E320B, CAT E320C, CAT E320D, etc. It can also fit other brands of vehicles that use the same engine type, such as the Mitsubishi MS180-8.
  • It is priced competitively and offers great value for money. It is also backed by a one-year warranty and lifetime technical support.

Product info

Here are some product details of our Caterpillar S6K crankshaft:

Item Spec.
Engine Maker Caterpillar
Material Forged Steel
N.W. (kg) 77
Length (mm) 914
Main journal (mm) 104
Rod Journal (mm) 80
Stroke (mm) 127

Other related models

We can also provide other related models of crankshafts for various Caterpillar engines, such as:

Model Model Model Model
S4K S6K C7 C15
S4KT S6KT C9 C4.2
320D/C6.4 3306 C13 3066

we can also develop customized/billet crankshaft per your drawing or samples

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