Mitsubishi Cylinder head 4M40 4M42 4M40T for Montero/ Pajero/ Shogun SUVs

Enhance your Mitsubishi engine with Ruich Value’s 4M40 4M42 4M40T Cylinder Head. Elevate performance for Montero, Pajero, Shogun SUVs

Mitsubishi Cylinder Head 4M40/4M40T/4M42

Ruich Value is a professional auto parts manufacturer and wholesaler that offers high-quality cylinder heads for Mitsubishi 4M40/4M40T/4M42 engines. These engines are widely used in various Mitsubishi vehicles, such as the Pajero, Delica, Canter, and more. Our cylinder heads are made of cast iron and have a smooth surface finish. They also come with a warranty and a certificate of quality.

Product Information

Material Production Process Application
Cast iron Sand casting Mitsubishi Pajero,

Delica, Canter, etc.

Other Available Mitsubishi Cylinder Heads as follows

Model Model Model Model Model
6D16 4D30 4D55 4G63 8V 4M40
6D14 4D30A 4D55 4G64 16V 4M40T
6D15 4D31 4D56 4G54 4M41-NEW
6D17 4D32 4D56U 4D36 4M41-OLD
6D16T 4D33 4D56T S4S 4M41
S6S 4D34 4DR5 4M42 4M42-NEW
4D35 4D34T 4DR7 4M42-OLD

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