Mitsubishi Cylinder head 4D31 4D32

Ruich Value offers the best cylinder head for Mitsubishi 4D31/4D32 engine, made of durable material and excellent craftsmanship.

Mitsubishi 4D31/4D32 Cylinder Head

What is a cylinder head?

A cylinder head is an important part of the engine, which covers the cylinder and forms the combustion chamber together with the cylinder wall and piston. The function of the cylinder head is to seal the combustion chamber, prevent gas leakage, and also provide the installation base for components such as intake valves, exhaust valves, spark plugs, etc. The cylinder head also plays a role in heat dissipation and noise reduction, ensuring the normal operation of the engine.

Features of Our Mitsubishi 4D31/4D32 Cylinder Head

Mitsubishi 4D31/4D32 Cylinder Head is a high-quality cylinder head designed for Mitsubishi 4D31/4D32/4D35 engine, with the following features:

  • Excellent material, made of aluminum alloy or cast iron, resistant to high temperature, wear and corrosion
  • Exquisite craftsmanship, using advanced casting, processing and testing equipment, ensuring dimensional accuracy and surface smoothness
  • Stable performance, passing strict pressure test and durability test, ensuring sealing performance and service life
  • Strong compatibility, suitable for Mitsubishi Canter FE214 FE334 FE434 FE444 FG434 FH100 ROSA Bus Be211 Be434 BH214 and other models

Product Information

Product Name Mitsubishi 4D31/4D32 Cylinder Head
Part Number ME999863
Material Aluminum alloy or cast iron
Applicable Engine Mitsubishi 4D31/4D32/4D35
Applicable Models Mitsubishi Canter FE214 FE334 FE434 FE444 FG434 FH100 ROSA Bus Be211 Be434 BH214 etc

Other Related Models of Cylinder Heads

In addition to Mitsubishi 4D31/4D32 Cylinder Head, we also provide other related models of cylinder heads, as shown in the following table:

Model Model Model Model Model
6D16 4D30 4D55 4G63 8V 4M40
6D14 4D30A 4D55 4G64 16V 4M40T
6D15 4D31 4D56 4G54 4M41-NEW
6D17 4D32 4D56U 4M41-OLD
6D16T 4D33 4D56T 4M41
S6S 4D34 4DR5 4M42-NEW
4D34T 4DR7 4M42-OLD
4D35 4M42

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