Isuzu Engine 6BB1 Cylinder Liner: Enhance Your Engine Performance with Ruich Value

Explore the Isuzu 6BB1 Cylinder Liner – a top-notch fit for Hitachi excavators. Discover its features and benefits. Contact Ruich Value for quality engine solutions.

Isuzu Engine 6BB1 Cylinder Liner

Isuzu Engine 6BB1 Cylinder Liner is a high-quality product that is produced by Ruich Value, a professional supplier of auto parts and accessories. It is designed to fit the Isuzu 6BB1 engine, which is widely used in Hitachi excavators and other vehicles. It can improve the performance and durability of your engine, while reducing wear and tear.

Features of Isuzu Engine 6BB1 Cylinder Liner

  • Compatible with Isuzu 6BB1 engine, which has a displacement of 5.8L and a power output of 103 kW
  • Made of cast iron material, which has high strength and corrosion resistance
  • Manufactured by casting and machining process, which ensures high precision and quality
  • Provides a smooth and stable surface for the piston movement, which reduces friction and noise
  • Comes with a one-year warranty and a competitive price

Product Info of Isuzu Engine 6BB1 Cylinder Liner

Part Number OE Number Description Material Production Process Application for Engine Model and Brand
RV-6BB1-CL 1-11261-160-0 Isuzu Engine 6BB1 Cylinder Liner Cast iron Casting and machining Isuzu 6BB1 engine for Hitachi EX160WD excavator and other vehicles

Other related models

Ruich Value also offers cylinder liners for other Isuzu engine models, such as:

Engine model Engine model Engine model Engine model Engine model
4BA1 4FC1 C223(new) 4JB1(new) 4JX1
4FB1 4FD1 C223T 4JB1T 4JK1-TC
4FG1 C221 4JA1 4JB1T(new) 4JJ1-TC CRDI
C190 C240 4JA1(new) 4JG2 4HF1
C223 4JC1 4JB1 4JG2T 4HF1(new)
4HG1 DA120 DA220 6BD1T 6HE1-TC E120
4HG1T DA640 4BE1 4HE1 4HE1-TC 6RA1
4HK1 6BB1 6BF1 6HH1T 6RB1
4HK1-TC 6BD1 6BG1 6HK1-TCC 10PA1
6BG1T 6HE1 6HL1-TC 10PB1 10PE
6HH1 6HK1 6HK1-TCN 10PC1 10PC1(new)
6HK1-TC 6SD1 6HK1-TCS 10PD1 6WA1
6SD1T 6SD1TC 4BC1 6HE1T 6SD1T(new)

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