Perkins Cylinder head 3.152/MF240

Explore Ruich Value’s Perkins Cylinder Head 3.152/MF240. Compatible and durable for Perkins 3.152 series engine and Massey Ferguson MF240 tractor. Learn more!

Perkins Cylinder head 3.152/MF240

Perkins Cylinder head 3.152/MF240 is a high-quality and reliable cylinder head that is designed to fit Perkins 3.152 series engines and Massey Ferguson MF240 tractors. Perkins 3.152 series engines are widely used in various applications, such as agricultural machinery, construction equipment, generators, marine propulsion and industrial power units.

Features of Perkins Cylinder head 3.152/MF240

  • Made of cast iron or aluminum alloy, with excellent corrosion resistance and heat dissipation
  • Precision machined and tested, with smooth surface and accurate dimensions
  • Compatible with Perkins 3.152 series engines and Massey Ferguson MF240 tractors
  • Easy to install and maintain, with long service life and stable performance
  • Available in different models and specifications, with or without valves and springs

Product Information

Material Cast iron or aluminum alloy
Production Process Casting, machining and testing
Application Perkins 3.152 series engines and Massey Ferguson MF240 tractors
Engine Models D3.152, 3.1522, 3.1524, T3.1524, 3.152M
Engine Brands Massey Ferguson, Landini, JCB, Caterpillar, etc.

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