Iveco cursor 8/10/13 engine main bearing

Enhance your Iveco Cursor engine with precision-engineered main bearings. Reduce friction for optimal diesel performance. Compatible and reliable.

Iveco Cursor 8/10/13 Engine Main Bearing | Ruich Value

Brief introduction

Engine main bearing is a vital component that supports the crankshaft and reduces friction between the rotating parts. It is designed to withstand high loads and temperatures and to ensure smooth and quiet operation of the engine. Iveco Cursor 8/10/13 engine main bearing is a high-quality product that is produced by Ruich Value, a professional supplier of auto parts with over 10 years of experience.


  • Compatible with Iveco Cursor 8/10/13 engines, which are widely used in trucks, buses, construction machinery, marine applications, etc.
  • Made by Ruich Value, a professional supplier of auto parts with over 10 years of experience
  • Made of durable and wear-resistant materials, such as copper-lead alloy, aluminum alloy, bimetallic material, etc.
  • Manufactured by advanced production processes, such as casting, forging, machining, heat treatment, etc.
  • Tested and inspected by strict quality control standards to ensure high performance and reliability

Product info

Material Production process Application
Copper-lead alloy / Aluminum alloy / Bimetallic material Casting / Forging / Machining / Heat treatment Iveco Cursor 8/10/13 engines

Other related models

Model Model Model Model Model
KSC1782(8210,8215.02) KSC1701 KSC1628(F1AMain bearing) KSC1633(1628+0.25) F3B3681A/B/Y
KSC1780 KSC1705 KSC1618(1613+0.25) F4AE3481C(580M3) F3BE0681A/B/D/E
KSC1713(8140.63, 8140.23) F2BE1682G KSC1613(F1CMain bearing) F3B3681 8060., 8340., 8051.05 8025, 8040,

8045., 8061., 8055.,F2BE1682G

KSC1706 KSC1704 KSC1607(F1A Corod bearing) F3BE0681 KSC1702(020)
Cursor 8/9/10/13 8040.05 8065.24 KSC1601(F1C Corod bearing) F2CE0681A~0684A F2BE0681A~E, 3681A~C
KSC1633(1628+0.25) KSC1702(020/010) F4AE0481, 0681, 3481, 3681 F4AE3481C(580M3) F4AE0481A
KSC1701(8210 8215.02)

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