HINO Cylinder Head N04C

Discover the features and benefits of Ruich Value’s cast iron cylinder head for Hino N04C engine. We also provide cylinder head for other engine models with strict quality control.

Ruich Value Cylinder Head for Hino N04C Engines

Brief Introduction

The cylinder head is a crucial component of the engine that covers the cylinders and forms the combustion chamber. The cylinder head also houses the valves, injectors, spark plugs, and other parts that are involved in the intake and exhaust processes. The cylinder head needs to withstand high temperatures and pressures during the engine operation, so it needs to be made of durable and strong materials. The cylinder head also affects the performance and efficiency of the engine by influencing the compression ratio, airflow, and fuel mixture.


  • High-quality cast iron material for strength and durability
  • Precision machining and testing for smooth operation and fitment
  • Strict quality control and inspection for reliability and safety
  • Compatible with Hino N04C engine and other models
  • Competitive price and fast delivery

Product Information

Product Name Cylinder Head for Hino N04C Engine
Material Cast Iron
Production Process Casting, Machining, Testing
Application Hino N04C Engine, Hino 300 Dutro, Hino Bus, etc.
OEM No. 11101-E0B10 11101-E0B20 11101-E0B30 11101-E0B40

11101-E0B50 11101-E0B60 11101-E0B70 11101-E0B80

11101-E0B90 11101-E0BA0 11101-E0BB0 11101-E0BC0

11101-E0BD0 11101-E0BE0 11101-E0BF0 11101-E0BG0

11101-E0BH0 11101-E0BJ0 11101-E0BK0 11101-E0BL0 etc.

Other Related Models

Following are those available models of cylinder heads for Isuzue

Engine Model Engine Model Engine Model Engine Model
P11C J08C/J08E J05C J05E
N04C E13C M10U EM100
EP100 H07D EH700

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