UTB 650 Cylinder Heads

Explore Ruich Value’s UTB 650 tractor cylinder head for durability and efficiency. Compatible with related models. Upgrade your tractor’s performance now

UTB 650 Cylinder Head

UTB 650 cylinder head is a high-quality diesel engine part that fits UTB 650 tractor. It is produced by Ruich Value, and has the following features:

  • Durable: Made of premium cast iron material, with precise machining and testing, ensuring the strength and sealing of the cylinder head.
  • Efficient: Adopting L style cylinder arrangement, with two valves per cylinder, improving the cylinder’s air intake and combustion efficiency.
  • Compatible: Suitable for various models and brands of engines, such as Komatsu, Kubota, Volvo, MAN, Scania, etc., meeting different customers’ needs.

Product Information

Item Content
Material Cast iron
Production process Casting, machining, testing
Applicable engine model UTB 650
Applicable engine brand UTB
Number of cylinders 4
Number of valves 2 per cylinder
Cylinder diameter 100mm
Cylinder liner material Asbestos

Other Related Models

Besides UTB 650 cylinder head, Ruich Value also produces other models of cylinder heads, as shown in the table below:

Brand Engine model Cylinder head model
Komatsu 4D94E
Komatsu 6D155 6118-11-1022 / 6128-11-1022
Komatsu S4D105 6135-12-1101
Komatsu S6D105 6137-11-1012
Komatsu 6D125 6151-11-1102
Komatsu 6D170 6162-13-1103
Komatsu 6D110 6138-12-1100
Komatsu 4D95
Komatsu S6D95
Kubota V2203 16429-03040
Volvo TD122 / TD123 425559 / 478128 / 478903
Volvo TD101 / TD102 425845 / 8.194.451 / 8.194.450
MAN 2566 51031016510 / 51031016550
MAN 2866 51031016773
Scania 113 1118309 / 1337361 /1300612 /1118313
GM GM350
GM GM6.5
Nissan QD32/QD32T

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