Mitsubishi Cylinder head 4D56 4D56U 8V

Title: Mitsubishi Cylinder head 4D56 4D56U

Commodity: Cylinder Head

Engine Maker: Mitsubishi

Engine CC: 2.5L Diesel
Condition: 100% Brand New
Applicable : Mitsubishi Pajero / Storm / Delica /Canter /Galant /Shogun /Spare Gear / starrion

Engine Model: 4D56 4D56U 8V


Our Mitsubishi Serial Cylinder heads covered most of Mitsubishi’s popular models such as 6D16,6D14,6D15,6D17,6D16T, S6S, 4D30,4D30A,4D31,4D32,4D33,4D34,4D34T,4D35,4D36, S4S, 4D55, 4D55, 4D56, 4D56U, 4D56T, 4DR5 , 4DR7, 4D56-908511 , 4D56-908512, 4D56-908513, 4D56-908770,4D56DOSH,4G63 8V,4G64 16V,4G54,4M40,4M40T,4M41-NEW,4M41-OLD,4M41,4M42,4M42-NEW,4M42-OLD, etc…

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