Cummins D Engine Flanged/Thrust bearings

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Quality Cummins D Engine Flanged/Thrust bearings


The Cummins D Engine Flanged/Thrust bearings are the parts that support the crankshaft and prevent it from moving sideways in the engine block. They are made of high-quality metal and designed to withstand high pressure and temperature. The Cummins D Engine Flanged/Thrust bearings are suitable for various Cummins models, such as 4BT, 5.9L, 6.7L, ISB, ISDe, and more.


  • High-quality metal material with excellent wear resistance and durability
  • Precise machining and quality control to ensure dimensional accuracy and smooth operation
  • Compatible with various Cummins models and engines
  • Easy to install and maintain
  • Affordable and reliable

Product Info

Item Specification
Commodity Flanged/Thrust Bearings
Engine Maker Cummins
Fit for Engine Model Cummins D
Part Number 3978822/24
Material Metal
Production Process Casting + Machining
Application Diesel Engines

Other Related Models

We also offer other Cummins engine bearings for different engine models, such as:

Engine Model Engine Bearing Part Number
4BT 3901170/72
5.9L 3901170/72
6.7L 3901170/72
ISB 3901170/72
ISDe 3901170/72
EQ 6BT 3901170/72
QSZ(ISZ)13 3978822/24
QSX(ISX)15 3978822/24
NT855(13L, 15L) 3978822/24
NT855 3978822/24
N14(NT743, NH220) 3978822/24
N14(NT74) 3978822/24
M11(LT10) 3978822/24
KTA(QSK) 50/38/19 3978822/24
L/D/C Series 3901170/72 or 3978822/24

depending on model

4B Series 3901170/72
4BTA 390 3901170/72

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