Main bearings for Cummins 3.8L Engine

Upgrade your Cummins 3.8L engine’s performance with our premium main bearing. Precision-engineered for optimal fit and durability, our main bearing ensures reduced friction and wear for a smoother and more efficient engine operation.

Cummins 3.8L Main Bearing

If you are looking for a quality main bearing for your Cummins 3.8L engine, you have come to the right place. Ruich Value is a professional manufacturer and supplier of main bearings and other engine parts for various engines, including Cummins 3.8L. We have more than 20 years of experience in producing and exporting main bearings to over 50 countries worldwide. Our main bearings are made of durable metal and have a precise fit and clearance. They can support the crankshaft and reduce friction and wear effectively.

Features of Cummins 3.8L Main Bearing

  • OEM quality: Our main bearings are designed and manufactured according to the original specifications of Cummins 3.8L engine, ensuring perfect fit and function.
  • Advanced technology: We use advanced CNC machines, casting equipment and testing instruments to produce main bearings with high precision and accuracy.
  • Competitive price: We offer competitive prices for our main bearings without compromising on quality. You can save money and time by choosing Ruich Value as your main bearing supplier.
  • Excellent service: We provide fast delivery, professional technical support and after-sales service for our customers. We also accept customized orders and offer OEM/ODM services.

Product Information of Cummins 3.8L Main Bearing

Item Specification
Material Metal
Production process Casting + Machining + Testing
Application Cummins 3.8L engine
Engine type Diesel
Number of cylinders 4
Number of valves 16
Combustion chamber type Direct injection
Valve arrangement Overhead
Cooling system Water-cooled

Other Related Models of Cummins Main Bearings

We also produce and supply main bearings for other models of Cummins engines, such as:

Model Model Model Model
EQ 6BT QSZ(ISZ)13 QSX(ISX)15 NT855(13L, 15L)
NT855 N14(NT743, NH220) N14(NT74) M11(LT10)
KTA(QSK) 50/38/19 ISDe L, D, C 4B, 4BTA 390

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