Turbos H1E for Cummins 6BT Engine

Turbos H1E for Cummins 6BT Engine

Model: H1E,

Application: Cummins Truck with ISC ISM Engine

OEM: 3521366, 3525103, 3528763, 3528764, 3535436, 3535437, 3535438

Other Turbos/Turbochargers model suitable for Cummins is as follows:

WH1E, WH1C, TB3404, TA3406, T46, ST50, JP76K, HX40W, HY35W-E7755AK/K09RZ35, HY35W, HX83/HE800FG, HX82, HX80, HX60W, HX55, HX50, HX40, HX35W, HX30, HX25-9 W, HT60, HT60-N0881A/X27K2, HT3B, ST50, T46, VT50, BHT3B, HE551V, HE451VE, HE400VG, HE221W, HE200WG, HE200VG, HC5A, H2D, H2D-9341/TA19Q11, H1E, H1C, TO4E10, TA3408, H1C, S300S018, H2C, HX55W, HX55, HX40W, HX35, etc….

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