Mitsubishi S4S S6S Crankshaft

Discover tips for choosing the perfect crankshaft for your Mitsubishi S4S S6S diesel engine. Find the best fit with Ruich Value’s 6D24 Crankshaft. Learn more!

Mitsubishi S4S S6S Crankshaft

Ruich Value offer the best Mitsubishi S4S S6S Crankshaft that is compatible with TCM, CAT and other brands of forklifts, excavators and other engineering machinery. Our crankshaft has the following advantages:

  • High strength: It can withstand high-speed rotation and high-load working conditions, thanks to its precise heat treatment and surface hardening.
  • High precision: It reduces vibration and noise, and improves engine efficiency and life, thanks to its strict inspection and balance.
  • High compatibility: It matches perfectly with other parts of the engine, without any modification or adjustment, thanks to its compliance with the original factory standards.

Product information

Item Content
Material Cast iron or forged steel
Production process Heat treatment, surface hardening, inspection, balance
Applicable engine model Mitsubishi S4S S6S
Applicable engine brand TCM, CAT, etc.
Reference part number 32B20-10010
Weight About 40kg

Other related models

Engine Model Engine Model Engine Model Engine Model
S4Q 4D34T 4G63 S6KT
4D30/4D31 4D35 4G64 4D130
4D32 4D55 4M40 S4E
4D33/4D34 4D56/T S4S S4F
4D56T-2 4D56U S6S 6D14/15
4DR5 4G15 6D16 6D16T
4G54 4G93 6D16T 6D17
6D31 4G94 6D34 6D22
6D24 8DC91 6D40 6G72

we can also develop customed/billet crankshaft per your drawing or samples.

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