Conrod Bearings for Deutz 2012 Engine

Buy the Deutz 2012 Conrod Bearing from Ruich Value, a professional and reliable supplier of Deutz parts. This part is compatible with Deutz 2012 diesel engines and provides smooth and reliable performance.

Deutz 2012 Conrod Bearing


The Deutz 2012 Conrod Bearing is a high-quality and durable part that connects the connecting rod and the crankshaft in your Deutz 2012 engine. The conrod bearing reduces friction and wear between the moving parts and supports the engine’s performance and durability. The Deutz 2012 Conrod Bearing is designed to withstand high pressures and temperatures and to provide smooth and reliable performance.


  • Made of copper with precision machining and heat treatment
  • Compatible with Deutz 2012 diesel engines, such as TCD 2012, BF4M2012, and BF4M2012C
  • Tested and certified to meet Deutz quality standards
  • Easy to install and maintain
  • Available in different specifications, such as bore size, stroke size, and weight

Product Info

Material Production Process Application Bore Size Stroke Size Weight
Copper Machining, heat treatment Deutz 2012 diesel engines 101 mm 126 mm 0.08 kg

Other related models

Ruich Value also produces conrod bearings for other models of Deutz engines, such as:

Engine model Engine model Engine model Engine model
Deutz 912 Deutz 913 Deutz 914 Deutz 2011
Deutz 2012 F8L513 TCD2015 v6 TCD2013 L6 2V
TCD2013 L4 4V TCD2012 L4/6 2V/4V FL913 FL912
FL/BFM2011 FL/BFM1011 BFM1012 BF6M2013
BF6M1013 BF6(4)M2012 1000.4AT

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