Isuzu Engine DA120 Cylinder Liner/Cylinder Sleeve

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The Isuzu DA120 cylinder liner is a high-quality component that fits into the cylinder block of Isuzu engines. It is made of a nickel-chromium iron alloy that has excellent wear resistance and anti-galling properties. The cylinder liner forms a smooth sliding surface for the piston rings and retains the lubricant within. It also transfers heat from the combustion chamber to the coolant and prevents leakage of gases and fluids.


  • Durable and reliable: The Isuzu DA120 cylinder liner is hardened by heat treatment to increase its life span by three times compared to gray iron or cast iron cylinders. It can withstand high temperatures and pressures of up to 2500 degrees Celsius and 25 bars respectively.
  • Easy to install and replace: The Isuzu DA120 cylinder liner is designed to fit snugly into the cylinder block without any gaps or misalignment. It can be easily removed and replaced if worn or damaged.
  • Compatible with various engine models: The Isuzu DA120 cylinder liner can be used for different engine models and brands, such as Isuzu, Hino, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Toyota, etc.

Product Info

Material Production Process Application
Nickel-chromium iron alloy Centrifugal casting Isuzu DA120 engine

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4HG1T DA640 4BE1 4HE1 4HE1-TC 6RA1
4HK1 6BB1 6BF1 6HH1T 6RB1
4HK1-TC 6BD1 6BG1 6HK1-TCC 10PA1
6BG1T 6HE1 6HL1-TC 10PB1 10PE
6HH1 6HK1 6HK1-TCN 10PC1 10PC1(new)
6HK1-TC 6SD1 6HK1-TCS 10PD1 6WA1
6SD1T 6SD1TC 4BC1 6HE1T 6SD1T(new)

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