Kubota Crankshaft V2403

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Kubota V2403 Crankshaft from Ruich Value

Brief Introduction

The crankshaft is one of the most important components of the engine, as it converts the linear motion of the pistons into rotational motion that drives the wheels. The crankshaft is subjected to high stress and wear, so it needs to be made of durable and reliable material. The Kubota V2403 crankshaft is a high-quality part that fits the Kubota V2403 diesel engine, which is a vertical, water-cooled, 4-cycle engine with a capacity of 48.8HP at 2700RPM.


The Kubota V2403 crankshaft has the following features:

It is made of forged steel, which has high strength and toughness.
It has a balanced design, which reduces vibration and noise.
It has a precise machining process, which ensures smooth operation and long service life.
It has a corrosion-resistant surface treatment, which protects it from rust and wear.
It has a compatible oil seal and bearing set, which prevents oil leakage and friction.

Product Info

Material Production Process Application
Forged Steel Forging, Heat Treatment, Machining, Surface Treatment Kubota V2403 Diesel Engine

Other Related Models

We also supply crankshafts for other Kubota diesel engine models, such as:

Engine Model Crankshaft Part Number Crankshaft Weight (kg) Crankshaft Length (mm)
Kubota D722 16851-23010 9.5 360
Kubota D902 1G962-23010 11.5 380
Kubota D1105 16241-23010 15.5 420
Kubota D1403 15401-23010 18.5 450
Kubota D1703 16415-23010 19.5 460
Kubota V1505 16241-230** 15.5 420
Kubota V2203 17311-23480 23.5 500
Kubota V3300 1G772-23480 36.5 600
Kubota V3800 1J574-23480 42.5 650
Kubota Z482 16851-23470 6.5

we can also develop customized/billet crankshafts per your drawing or sample.

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