KIA J2 Cylinder Heads

Enhance your KIA with Ruich Value’s J2 Cylinder Head. Quality cast iron or alloy, tested for optimal performance. Contact us for top-notch auto parts.

Brief introduction of this part

Upgrade or replace your KIA J2 Cylinder Head with Ruich Value’s top-notch auto parts. Our durable and reliable cylinder heads, designed for K2700, Pregio, and Bongo models, ensure optimal engine performance. With over 20 years of expertise, we offer competitive prices, fast delivery, and exceptional customer service. Trust Ruich Value for superior quality and compatibility with original engines

This part feature

The KIA J2 Cylinder Head from Ruich Value has the following features:

  • Made of high-quality cast iron or aluminum alloy, depending on the model
  • Thermal conductivity of the aluminum alloy is good, which helps improve the compression ratio
  • Cylinder head assembly includes cylinder head, camshaft, engine valve, valve guide, valve seat, valve spring, etc.
  • Marked with product schema and review schema for better visibility and credibility in search engines
  • Compatible with various models of KIA vehicles with J2 engine
  • Tested and inspected to ensure optimal performance and fitment

Product info

The product info for the KIA J2 Cylinder Head from Ruich Value is shown in the table below:

Part Number Material Production Process Application Engine Model Engine Brand
OK65C10100 Cast Iron Casting and Machining KIA K2700, Pregio, Bongo J2 KIA
OK75A10100 Aluminum Alloy Casting and Machining KIA K2700, Pregio, Bongo J2 KIA

Other related models

Ruich Value also produces cylinder heads for other related models of KIA vehicles, such as:

Model Model Model Model Model
G4EK J3 RF(24MM) RF(20MM) BESTA R2 2.2

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