Turbos H2D for Iveco Truck With 8460.41 Engine

Turbos H2D by Ruich Value | Quality Turbocharger Meta description: Turbos H2D is a quality turbocharger for Cummins and Iveco engines. Learn more about its features and benefits here.

Turbos H2D by Ruich Value | Quality Turbocharger


Turbos H2D is a turbocharger that can enhance your vehicle’s power, efficiency, and reliability. It is designed and manufactured by Ruich Value, a leading company in the turbocharger industry. Turbos H2D is compatible with various models and brands of engines, including Cummins LTA10/L10 with 10L diesel engine and Iveco 8361SRM37, 8281SRM44, 8460SRM45 with marine engine. It is also known as HOL3525237 turbocharger.


Turbos H2D has many features that make it stand out from other turbochargers, such as:

  • High-quality materials and production process for durability and reliability
  • Advanced design and technology for optimal performance and efficiency
  • Easy installation and fitment for convenience and compatibility
  • Competitive price and fast delivery for value and satisfaction
  • Excellent warranty and service for peace of mind and support

Product info

Here are some product details of Turbos H2D:

Material Production process Application for engine model and brand
Aluminum alloy CNC machining Cummins LTA10/L10 with 10L diesel engine

Iveco 8361SRM37, 8281SRM44, 8460SRM45 with marine engine

Other Related Models of Ruich Value Turbochargers

Model Model Model Model Model
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GT17 GT2256V H1E H2A H2D
H3B HE500VG HY55V HE551V/HY55V HX25
HX27W HX35 HX35W HX38G W HX40M
HX55 HY55V HE500VG K14 K27
T04B49 T04E47 TA3118 TB25 TB2573
TBP408-1 W TBP409 W TBP4802 TD04 TF035 W
TO4B66 HX50W H2C

Meanwhile, there are more turbo and its spare parts such as Turbocharger core assembly, cartridge/Chra, compressor wheel, turbine wheel, wastegate, actuator, bearing housing, and repair kits available

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