Turbos H2D for Iveco Truck With 8460.41 Engine

Title: Turbos H2D for Iveco Truck With 8460.41 Engine

Model: H2D

Application: Iveco Truck With 8460.41 Engine

OEM: 3530536, 61321344EZ, 61318802EZ, 61321514EZ, 61321344, 61321514, 61318805, 61318804, 61318802, 61320526,4033323,3539436, 3591613, 3538836, 3591612, 3538839,

Other Turbos/Turbochargers model suitable for IVECO is as follows:

H1E, K24, T04B05, TD04L, 4LGZ, GT17, GT2256V, H1E, H2A, H2D, H3B, HE500VG, HY55V, HE551V/HY55V, HX25, HX27W, HX35, HX35W, HX38G W, HX40M, HX55, HY55V, HE500VG, K14, K27 W, T04B49, T04E47, TA3118, TB25, TB2573, TBP408-1 W, TBP409 W, TBP4802, TD04, TF035 W, TO4B66 , etc…. etc….

If you didn’t found what you are looking for, please feel free to contact us. Please kindly noticed turbo’s OEM is required to confirm the right model.