Nissan TD25 Cylinder Head

Ruich Value’s Nissan Engine TD25 cylinder heads: hardened, smooth, sealed, heat-resistant. Perfect fit for engine block and manifold. Easy to install and replace.

Nissan Cylinder Head TD25


The Nissan Cylinder Head TD25 is a high-quality cylinder head for the Nissan TD25 engine, a 2.5 L (2,488 cc) diesel engine that powers various models of Nissan vehicles, such as pickups, vans, buses, and SUVs. The engine has four cylinders, each equipped with a cylinder head made of cast iron. The cylinder head has an OHV (overhead valve) design with two valves per cylinder.

Ruich Value is a reputable manufacturer and supplier of top-quality cylinder heads for Nissan engines. We use advanced technology and strict quality control measures to produce cylinder heads that meet or exceed the original specifications. Our cylinder heads are reliable, efficient, and cost-effective.


Some of the features of our cylinder heads for Nissan Cylinder Head TD25 are:

  • High compression ratio: Our cylinder heads have a compression ratio of 22:1, which increases the power output and torque of the engine by up to 40%
  • Low emissions: Our cylinder heads have a swirl chamber design that improves combustion efficiency and reduces the emissions of harmful gases such as carbon monoxide, hydrocarbons, and nitrogen oxides.
  • Good cooling: Our cylinder heads have a water jacket design that circulates coolant around the cylinders and prevents overheating and thermal stress of the cylinder head components.
  • Easy installation and replacement: Our cylinder heads are designed to fit perfectly into the engine block and manifold, without requiring any machining or modification. They are also easy to remove and replace when worn out or damaged.

Product Info

The product info of our cylinder heads for Nissan Cylinder Head TD25 is as follows:

Material Cast iron
Production process Casting, machining, polishing
Application Nissan Cylinder Head TD25
Engine type Diesel
Engine model Nissan TD25
Year Various years
CC 2.5 L
Horse power Various ratings
Cylinder number 4

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