Mitsubishi Cylinder head 4D34 4D34T 4G63

Mitsubishi Cylinder head 4D34 4D34T 4G63

Commodity: Cylinder Head

Engine Maker: Mitsubishi

Engine Model: 4D34 4D34T 4G63

Our Mitsubishi Serial Cylinder heads covered most of Mitsubishi’s popular models such as 6D16, 6D14, 6D15, 6D17, 6D16T, S6S, 4D30, 4D30A, 4D31, 4D32, 4D33, 4D34, 4D34T, 4D35, 4D36, S4S, 4D55, 4D55, 4D56, 4D56U, 4D56T, 4DR5, 4DR7, 4D56-908511, 4D56-908512, 4D56-908513, 4D56-908770, 4D56DOSH, 4G63 8V, 4G64 16V, 4G54, 4M40, 4M40T, 4M41-NEW, 4M41-OLD, 4M41, 4M42, 4M42-NEW, 4M42-OLD, etc…

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