Cummins Cylinder Heads ISX15

Boost your engine’s power with Ruich Value’s Cummins ISX15 Cylinder Head. Stage 3 design, Single Overhead Cam, and Inconel Valves for enduring performance. Contact for details

Welcome to Ruich Value’s high-quality Cummins ISX15 cylinder head. This exceptional engine component is designed to meet your specific needs, providing top-notch performance and reliability for your Cummins engine.

Product Overview

  • Part Number: 4298234
  • Material: Casting
  • Production Process: Casting and Machining
  • Application: Suitable for Cummins ISX15 engine models

Key Features

  • Stage 3 Design: Enhance your engine’s performance with our Stage 3 Cummins ISX15 cylinder head.
  • Single Overhead Cam: Optimized for efficient power and durability.
  • Loaded Cylinder Head: Ready for easy installation.
  • Performance Upgrade: Boost your engine’s capabilities.
  • Nickel Content: Ensures longevity and strength.
  • Enlarged Coolant Passages: Improved cooling for your engine.
  • Reinforced Inner Ribs: Added durability and support.
  • Inconel Valves: Resistant to extreme conditions.
  • Temperature Endurance: Designed to withstand high temperatures.
  • Pressure Endurance: Handles the stress of engine operation.
  • Corrosion Resistance: Long-lasting protection.
  • Pitting Resistance: Guards against wear.
  • Cracking Resistance: Durability you can rely on.

Other Compatible Models

Cylinder Head Model Cylinder Head Model Cylinder Head Model
CNT855 (Assm) K19 (Assm) 4B/4BT (Assm)
6B/6BT (Assm) ISBE -6D 5.9 (Assm) ISF2.8 (Assm)
ISF3.8 (Assm) ISDE-4D 4.5 ISDE-4D
ISDE -6D/QSB6.7(Assm) ISC (Assm) ISX15/QSX15
M11 A2300 NT855/D85
B 6CT/6CTA 8.3

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