Cummins ISDE Cylinder Heads

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Cummins ISDe Cylinder Head

Brief introduction of this part

Cummins ISDe cylinder head is a key component of Cummins ISDe engine, which covers the cylinders and forms the combustion chambers. It withstands high temperature and pressure working conditions and ensures the smooth and efficient operation of the engine. The cylinder head also contains the intake and exhaust valves, valve springs, injectors, glow plugs and other parts that are essential for the air-fuel mixture and exhaust gas flow.

This part feature

Cummins ISDe cylinder head has the following features:

  • It is made of high-quality cast iron material, which has good strength, durability and corrosion resistance.
  • It adopts advanced design and manufacturing technology, which ensures the precise fitment, sealing and alignment of the cylinder head and other parts.
  • It meets the emission standards of Euro III, Euro IV, Euro V and Euro VI, which reduces the environmental impact of the engine.
  • It has been tested and verified by Cummins engineers, which guarantees the performance and reliability of the cylinder head.

Product info

Item Specification
Engine maker Cummins
Engine model ISDe
Cylinder head model 4941495/4941496
Cylinder head material Cast iron
Cylinder head type Bare or complete with valves, springs, etc.
Application Vehicle, generator, construction equipment, etc.
Brand name Ruich Value
Quality type Aftermarket replacement
Warranty 12 months or 100000 km
Packing Wooden case or customized
Delivery time Within 15 days after payment
Payment terms T/T, L/C, Western Union, etc.
MOQ 1 piece
Price Negotiable

Other related models

We also supply other Cummins cylinder heads for different engine models, such as:

Cylinder Head Model Cylinder Head Model Cylinder Head Model
CNT855 (Assm) K19 (Assm) 4B/4BT (Assm)
6B/6BT (Assm) ISBE -6D 5.9 (Assm) ISF2.8 (Assm)
ISF3.8 (Assm) ISDE-4D 4.5 ISDE-4D
ISDE -6D/QSB6.7(Assm) ISC (Assm) ISX15/QSX15
M11 A2300 NT855/D85
B 6CT/6CTA 8.3

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