Kubota Cylinder Head D1703

Kubota V2403 Cylinder Head is a high-quality replacement part for your Kubota D1703 engine. It meets the emissions regulations and delivers excellent performance


The Kubota D1703 cylinder head is an essential part for the Kubota D1703 series diesel engines, which are widely used in various applications, such as tractors, excavators, loaders, generators, and more. The cylinder head controls the airflow and combustion in the engine, and ensures the optimal performance and efficiency of the engine. The Kubota D1703 cylinder head is made of high-quality cast iron, and has been tested and inspected for cracks, leaks, and defects. It is also compatible with various Kubota engine models and brands, such as L2501D, L3240DT, L3400DT, L3540HSTC, Bobcat 325C, 238, 325D, and more.


The Kubota D1703 cylinder head has the following features:

  • It has 8 bolts for the valve cover, and is not a welded head.
  • It has 3 cylinders, and each cylinder has 2 valves (1 intake and 1 exhaust).
  • It has a bore of 87 mm, and a stroke of 92.4 mm.
  • It has a displacement of 1.647 L, and a compression ratio of 23:1.
  • It has a power output of 24.8 kW (33.3 hp) at 2800 rpm, and a torque of 101.5 Nm (74.8 lb-ft) at 2000 rpm.
  • It has a low noise level, low vibration, low emission, and low fuel consumption.

Product Info

The Kubota D1703 cylinder head has the following product info:

Part Number 1G711-03040
Replaces Part Number 16444-03045, 1A033-03043, 1A033-03042
Replaces Casting Number D-15
Material Cast Iron
Production Process Casting, Machining, Testing, Inspecting
Application Kubota D1703 Series Diesel Engines
Compatible Engine Models and Brands L2501D, L3240DT, L3400DT, L3540HSTC, Bobcat 325C, 238, 325D, and more

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