Toyota Coaster Bus Land Cruiser 1HZ Camshaft

Ruich Value offers high-quality camshafts for Toyota 1HZ engines and other models. Contact us today to get the best camshaft for your Toyota diesel engine

Ruich Value 1HZ Camshaft: The Best Choice for Your Toyota Diesel Engine

If you are looking for a high-quality camshaft for your Toyota 1HZ engine, you should consider the Ruich Value 1HZ camshaft. Ruich Value is a leading manufacturer and supplier of aftermarket replacement engine parts for various brands and models of vehicles. Ruich Value offers a wide range of camshafts for different engines, including the Toyota 1HZ camshaft.

Our 1HZ Camshaft features

  • Made of cast iron, Chilled casting or steel with high strength and durability
  • Designed with precise dimensions and smooth surfaces to ensure a perfect fit and function with other parts
  • Tested with advanced equipment and technology to ensure high performance and quality
  • Compatible with Toyota’s popular models such as Land Cruiser 80 Series, Land Cruiser 100 Series, Land Cruiser 105 Series, Coaster Bus BB50 Series etc.

Product Info

Material Production Process Application
Cast iron or steel Casting or forging Toyota 1HZ diesel engine

Other Related Models

We also offer camshafts for other Toyota models, such as:

Engine Model Engine Model Engine Model
5R 12R 1RZ/2RZ
2J 2L 2L OLD
3L 2Y 3Y
B 2B 3B
5L 2C KA24
2NZ 1C 4AC
14B 1ZR 2ZR
5GR 3GR 13B
4Y 4K 1Z
2H 5E 22R

we can also develop customed/billet camshafts per your drawing or samples

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