Mitsubishi Camshaft 4M40 4M40T

Upgrade Mitsubishi 4M40/4M40T engines with Ruich Value camshafts. Optimal lift and duration for enhanced performance. Smooth ride guaranteed

Mitsubishi Camshaft 4M40 4M40T

The Mitsubishi Camshaft 4M40 4M40T is a high-quality replacement part for the original camshaft of your 4M40 or 4M40T engine. The 4M40 and 4M40T are 2.8L diesel engines with direct injection and turbocharging, used in various Mitsubishi models such as Pajero, Triton and Delica. The camshaft is the part of the engine that controls the opening and closing of the valves, affecting the engine’s power and efficiency.

Features of Mitsubishi Camshaft 4M40 4M40T

  • Made of forged steel material for strength and durability
  • Designed with optimal lift and duration for improved performance
  • Compatible with both naturally aspirated and turbocharged 4M40 and 4M40T engines
  • Tested and inspected to meet or exceed OEM standards

Product Information

Item Specification
Material Forged steel
Production process Forging, machining, testing
Application Mitsubishi 4M40 and 4M40T engines
OEM part number ME202013

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