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Ruich Value offers Ford 2.3L Cylinder Head made of aluminum alloy and precision casted and machined. Compatible with various Ford models. Contact us for more details.

Ford 2.3L Cylinder Head


The cylinder head is a crucial part of the engine that houses the valves, spark plugs, fuel injectors and other components. It also forms the combustion chamber where the air-fuel mixture is ignited and burned. A high-quality cylinder head can enhance the engine performance, efficiency and reliability. Ruich Value is a professional manufacturer and supplier of cylinder heads for various engines, including the Ford 2.3L cylinder head.


The Ford 2.3L cylinder head by Ruich Value has the following features:

  • Made of aluminum alloy for light weight and good heat dissipation
  • Precision casted and machined to ensure accurate dimensions and smooth surface
  • Optimized design to match the engine specifications and requirements
  • Tested and verified to meet or exceed the OEM standards
  • Compatible with various Ford models, such as Pinto, Mustang, Ranger, Focus, Explorer and more

Product Info

Material Aluminum Alloy
Production Process Casting and Machining
Application Ford 2.3L Engine
OEM Number E6JL-6049-AA

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Ruich Value also produces cylinder heads for other Ford models, such as:

Ford EQ491 Ford WL Ford WE Ford P5AT Ford 460
Ford 6.0-18 Ford 6.0-20 Ford V347 Ford 4HU P8FA Ford JXFAPHFA
Ford WL WLT Ford 6.4L V8 Ford Duratorq ZSD-424 Ford 300 TDI Ford 2.9
Ford 1.6T Ford 6.4 Ford 2.3L Ford 460 V8 Ford 302
Ford 4.0 V6 Ford 3.0 V6 Ford WE/WL/BT50

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